Grandma’s Wild Garden brings garden wildlife into focus through the eyes of twins Dan and Nuala on their daily visits to Grandma’s extraordinary house at the centre of her wild garden.


Every day Dan and Nuala go to their grandma’s house after school and stay until their parents come home from work. At the beginning of each programme, Grandma asks them to see which of their wild friends is in the garden today. The twins may already be in the garden playing when Grandma asks the question, or may be indoors and come out to look.

The garden is represented here by a collage of foliage, trees, flowers, shrubs and grasses among which the wildlife characters that will feature in Grandma’s story are hidden. The audience, along with Dan and Nuala, spend a few seconds spotting the wildlife characters, which are highlighted as they are spotted, before the scene shifts to the house where they settle for Grandma to tell them the story. One of Grandma’s pictures will be the opening frame of the story.

The story is the main segment of the programme. Grandma weaves a fiction around the characters that were spotted earlier. Grandma narrates and provides character voices, with comments and contributions from the twins. All the stories carry age appropriate information about the featured creatures and plants, given a comic twist by Grandma’s interpretation of them. The stories’ final frame will ‘morph’ into another of Grandma’s pictures that will be added to her gallery.

The programme ends with the twins being collected by their Parents when they get home from work. The Garden setting will allow us also to deal with the seasons, and how they affect the wildlife and also the human characters.



Project Title:
- Grandma's Wild Garden
Production Company:
- Igloo Animations
Written by:
- Richard Morss
Created by:
- Trevor Courtney
- Trevor Courtney
Music & Sound:
- Orchard Recordings
Budget 26 X 5 min:
- EURO 680,000
Animation per minute:
- EURO 5,200